Wearable, Wireless Health Technology


CPM and specialist partner WH Tech - a pioneering Australian medical technology distributor – work closely with innovative companies around the world to help improve clinical practice, connect care and improve patient outcomes.


Our core focus and expertise is in Remote Patient Monitoring utilising wireless wearable technologies. Our Health Technology leadership team has more than 100 years combined experience in the highly regulated and complex Global Healthcare Market. 


Consultancy Services


CPM and WH Tech provide expert guidance with respect to the latest innovative global medical technologies available  - navigation the complexities and assessing opportunities to improve deliverables within existing national Healthcare systems.


COVID-19 Crisis


Given the significant current and anticipated global shortages of PPE, the WHO recommends strategies to minimise the need for PPE. These include (WHO, 2020b):


  • Utilising telemedicine to evaluate suspected cases of COVID-19

  • Restricting healthcare workers from entering the rooms and wards of COVID-19 patients if they are not involved in direct care

  • Bundling activities to minimise the number of times a room is entered

  • Planning which activities will be performed at the bedside


Although not directly suggested by the WHO, another tool to minimise the need for PPE and further exposure for medical personnel is utilising Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to monitor patient vital signs without needing to enter the patient’s room and physically take and record the observations.


Hospital Application-

  • Significantly reduce the number of times a room/ward is entered

  • A commensurate decrease in PPE requirements within isolation wards would be exp. It is conservatively estimated there would be an average 50% reduction in daily PPE requirements by implementing this solution. This translates into a doubling of time that the national stockpile will last.


Home Monitoring-

  • Provide real time ICU level vital sign monitoring from home

  • Dramatically increase the number of patients that can be under professional medical care

  • Significantly ease the demand on hospital beds – thereby making them available for the most critical patients.