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University of Applied Research & Development (UARD) - Faculty for Business & Leadership

Ecosystem of Leadership Development​

‘A combination of strategically developed learning tools and processes that interact with each other to significantly build and enhance leadership capability and culture’

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Postgraduate Programs

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership & Management (PGCLM)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Leadership & Management

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring

  • Masters in Leadership and Management (MLM)

  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

  • Dual MLM +MBA

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Leadership and Management (BLM)

  • Bachelor of Business (BB)

CPM applauds and fully support this new and innovative learning and development program from the UARD Faculty for Business & Leadership. We encourage current and new clients alike to learn more. As UARD Learning & Development Partner in Malaysia, CPM will be delighted to provide more information or a direct introduction to Faculty Leader, Assoc. Prof. Danny Simms for further discussion.

 Is your organisation looking for;

  • Rapid, sustainable and measurable leadership capability development

  • More focused and efficient skills development through significant reduction in SCRAP learning - leading to a positive shift in performance and productivity

  • Unique recognition and reward opportunities through the provision of internationally recognised degree level-programmes and micro-credentials

  • The ability to include what matters most to your organisation as part of the Ecosystem of Leadership Development

  • Considerable cost reduction opportunities through aggregation of students/participants for selected learning and development programs.



In Malaysia, and globally, there are plenty of corporate training and higher education offerings available to individuals and corporates.

Unfortunately, for many organisations, the learning and behavioural needs are not met due to a variety of factors – generic content, disengaged participants, lack of time etc. Does this sound familiar to you?


This is a leading contributor to education not being translated into outcomes that negatively impact on business and leadership development.


It is often not feasible for universities/training organisations to offer the levels of personal service required by individuals. This often leads to a phenomenon termed SCRAP Learning - learning that is delivered but not applied on the job.

Studies have shown that on average within organisations, 45% of all learning delivered ends up not being applied. 

For medium to large organisations, the negative impact of SCRAP Learning equates to a significant loss in productivity and their bottom line.

To support the Twelfth Malaysia Plan, and Malaysian organisations to grow leadership and technical skills competence, we are proud to offer the following ‘Ecosystem of Leadership Development’, a revolutionary initiative not currently found in Malaysia or the broader ASEAN Region.

Our Ecosystem of Leadership Development comprises 5 key areas that significantly enhance individuals and organisations capacity to develop and maintain a competitive edge.

1. Identifying and benchmarking leadership and technical skills competence of individuals, teams, departments, organisations and a country. Using a variety of globally validated profiling tools, we are able to identify current leadership capability, technical skills competence, core characteristics and behaviours, career values, resilience, communication competence, emotional intelligence and other important key metrics depending on the industry and requirements to succeed.


2. Micro-universities - Partnering directly with corporates to establish an in-house, ‘micro-university’, we collaborate with internal HR, People & Culture, Finance, OHS etc teams to create and customise very targeted learning opportunities for employees. Imagine a Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma or Master’s Degree level programme that specifically targets the needs of an organisation, rapidly develops their workforce and provides an internationally recognised degree as a reward and recognition to its high performing staff members.


3. Unique internationally recognised Leadership & Management Degrees – Leadership & Management undergraduate and post-graduate degrees specifically designed to prepare emerging and current leaders to effectively guide and lead individuals, teams, departments and organisations through current and predicted future challenges. There is nothing like these degrees in Malaysia or the broader ASEAN region.


4. Fast-track internationally recognised degrees to reward and incentivise your workforce. Through our accreditation bodies, we are able to offer recognition pathways to fast-track Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma or Master’s Degree level programmes. Prior qualifications and work experience are mapped against the learning outcomes of our programmes and up to 75% recognition may be awarded. Participants undergo gap training and complete a final project to allow them to further develop their knowledge and skills, and to gain an internationally recognised degree as a reward and recognition of their performance.


5. Micro-Credentials – aligning existing short courses to a degree program. Not every organisation is seeking a full degree program. Through the ‘micro-university’ approach, we collaborate with internal HR, People & Culture, Finance, OHS etc teams to create and customise very targeted blocks of learning that can be used as a micro-credential toward our Bachelor, Post Graduate Diploma or Master’s Degree level programmes. 

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