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Fire Safety & Emergency Planning Compliance Software

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FireSafe is a single business management platform designed specifically for emergency response planning. It assists in maintaining client data seamlessly in a logical sequence. FireSafe is available as a completely 'white labelled' product, meaning it can have the look and feel of our client’s own inhouse product.


FireSafe is a full-spec, web-based software platform empowering building managers to confidently oversee emergency planning compliance.

Developed by an experienced team of Australian emergency planning consultants and software engineers, FireSafe is rapidly changing the way Facility Managers and responsible parties meet their fire safety obligations and legal requirements.

Key Features:

Key features of the FireSafe Software platform include:

  1. Hosting all client records securely in the 'cloud', providing access to nominated authorised personnel.

  2. Digitally creating & maintaining registers for the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC), Emergency Control Organisation (ECO), First Aiders and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP's).

  3. Compiling and publishing Emergency Management Plans specific to the client's facilities, drawing upon data held within the system. This includes stand-alone emergency response management for non-facility common areas.

  4. Fire Safety & Emergency Response Equipment and Asset Register that tracks regulatory preventative inspections, maintenance and testing requirements.

  5. Oversee compliance to International and Malaysian Standards.

  6. Facilitating and tracking the process of face to face training including; trainees, trainer allocations/scheduling, certification and reporting. 

  7. Hosting e-learning courses with all completions data stored within the same system. Access the Evac Guide library of generic courses, or partner with us to design and manage new courseware. 

  8. Dashboard Function for easy compliance oversight across full facility portfolio by senior management.

The platform is agile, enabling customisation to suit your organisation’s business requirements now and into the future. We are experienced in emergency planning, so can work to understand your exact needs.


Additional key benefits to users include:

  • Ability to oversee compliance records for multiple facilities.

  • Consistency in documentation and record keeping

  • Mobile access to Emergency Response Management documentation from multiple devices.

  • Bi-Lingual access and functionality available.


The FireSafe software platform will empower your organisation to standardise all ERM functions across all portfolios, delivering consistent and compliant ERM Plans, Evacuation Plans, ER Standard Operating Procedures, Reporting, Testing, Training and Drill schedules, etc.

FireSafe  Implementation – What to expect!


User Training, Set-up and FireSafe implementation involves the following:

  • Populating all the required mandatory fields within the program.

  • Importing and uploading all current on hand fire safety documentation, records and evacuation diagrams.

  • From the template tools provided, select and customise the relevant emergency events and responses applicable.

  • Insert agreed fire safety training schedules.


The Outcome:

  • Detailed, site-specific, current and compliant Emergency Response Plans for all facilities that identify and mitigate risks, optimises fire safety and reduces liability exposure to the organisation and responsible executives.

  • Comprehensive and detailed inspection, maintenance and training records stored within the platform and accessible anytime from the cloud.

  • Access to any records, plans or other documentation from mobile devices.


NB. The CPM FireSafe development team is constantly upgrading and improving the software platform functionality. All general upgrades are passed on to our clients at no additional cost.


FireSafe Online Training Courses:

The below online courses are imbedded into the FireSafe platform and readily available to all users on a user pay basis.


General Evacuation Awareness –

  • Occupant responsibilities within the emergency response procedures

  • Recognising, reporting or correcting unsafe conditions when appropriate

  • Roles, responsibilities, identification and authority of ECP members

  • Report emergencies including activation of alarm systems, if installed.

  • Reacting safety to emergencies and alarms

  • Evacuation procedures.


First Attack Fire Fighting –

  • Basic fire science including the 6 causes of fire

  • Identify and select the correct first attack equipment – fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire hose reels, etc.

  • Post fire actions


Fire Warden (ECO) Refresher

  • Duties of the ECO as described within an emergency management plan

  • Responding to alarms and reports on emergencies

  • Communication during emergencies

  • Pre, during and post emergency activities

  • Installed emergency response equipment

  • Managing occupants and visitors with disabilities

  • Human behaviour during emergencies.


Introduction to Emergency Planning (EPC) – Coming soon!

  • Developing, managing and maintaining an emergency plan

  • Establishing and managing an ECO

  • Management of appropriate documentation

  • Development and implementation of training activities

  • Emergency mitigation, preparedness and prevention

  • Post-evacuation management


 Online Training Costs:

Online training courses are charged per completion. Completion certificates are automatically uploaded into the system and stored to demonstrate compliance.

The pricing model is a simple User Based License Fee structure, available as a monthly subscription.

First time clients are subject to a FireSafe  Establishment Fee that includes:

  • Basic location and site data importation

  • EG Set-up and User training (one day)

 NB. For smaller organisations, CPM will gladly negotiate and customise a pricing solution that will meet your budget and needs.

Additional costs that should be considered include:

  • Customisation – specific functionality requests can be incorporated by the FireSafe Design Team. POA.

  • Design, production and fixing of site and location specific Evacuation Diagrams and Notifications.

  • ‘Per Completion’ fees applicable to eLearning courses.

  • Mandatory training requirements

  • Mandatory audit requirements


Is CPM FireSafe right for your organisation?


The answer is YES! The FireSafe software platform is revolutionising the way emergency planning responsibilities are managed across all industries and facility uses.

Fire Safety & Emergency Response Support Services available from CPM:


As a specialist Fire & Rescue / Emergency Response Service provider, CPM Fire Safety experts can assist your organisation with a number of support services to establish and maintain fires safety compliance and emergency response preparedness.


Fire Safety Compliance Audits –

Our team of highly qualified Fire Safety professionals can assess your current Fire Safety compliance status with a full site audit.

An extensive detailed report will be provided highlighting any compliance issues, recommended corrective actions and level of priority.

ER documentation –

Should your organisation require a review or upgrade of and Fire Safety related compliance documentation our consultants are here to assist.

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