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Global Lighthouse Hotel Safety & Security Certification Program

Why certify your hotel in Safety & Security?

  • Create a unique selling proposition in the market

  • Provide a safer environment for your guests and staff

  • Regular security audits through an independent partner satisfies investors and builds trust

  • The Security Framework caters for a security management initiative and guest satisfaction in the hotel

  • The program is based on international customer expectations. It detects and mitigates potential hazards for guests and staff ahead of time

  • Increase the value of your brand by targeting your market using safety & security certification

  • In the long run the certification has the potential to save you costs

  • The focus on risk mitigation for hotel guests may also benefit your insurer. Less risks for your hotel also means less risks for the insurer. Talk to your Risk Adviser to re-evaluate your insurance premium.


Sky Touch Global is an independent hotel security consulting firm based in Bali, Indonesia and operating worldwide. It was formed in 2013 by Stefan Vito Hiller. Our trend-setting security standards focus on guest expectations and the Duty of Care factor. In the last 5 years, we have developed innovative safety and security solutions for the hospitality industry. Sky Touch Global is a privately owned company, which specialises in hotel risk management. CPM is a proud Sky Touch implementation and delivery partner.

Together we provide a range of independent services to hotels and the corporate market. We audit and certify hotels around the world; conduct risk assessments and offer specialised training programs in security. We also consult security providers who offer their services to hotels.


Sky Touch has developed a hotel security certification called the Global Lighthouse Certification Program, the first security certification for hotels that focuses purely on guest expectations. It provides security solutions and certification suitable to most hotel segments.

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