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STATICAIR Fine Dust Reduction System

Innovative, sustainable and cost-effective technology that reduces harmful Fine Dust and Particulate Matter by 40-80%

StaticAir has revolutionised the way in which fine dust and other particulate matter (PM) can be effectively managed and reduced outside 'closed systems'.

The patented StaticAir technology can be applied to any environment - both on a large and small scale.

  • Industrial workplaces & factories

  • Infrastructure projects

  • Livestock, Agriculture & Farming

  • Mining Operations

  • Public spaces


Recent studies have shown that reducing fine particulate matter in the air around us also reduces airborne infectious disease bacteria such as the Influenza and Coronavirus 


CPM Coporate Protection Malaysia sdn Bhd is the proud exclusive distributor of StaticAir systems in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and other nominated territories in the Asia Pacific Region.

We, and our carefully selected distribution partners, are delighted to bring the revolutionary StaticAir Fine Dust Reduction System technology to the region.


The technology is now available to successfully remove a large percentage of the very harmful fine dust particles from Industry & Manufacturing workplaces, Infrastructure, Agriculture & Livestock environments and Public Spaces.


There is a StaticAir System model available for every application. 

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