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Leading Digital Transformation across the industry, eVision Industry Software delivers ‘best-in-class’ Control of Work software. Innovative solutions that improve the way oil, gas, mining, energy, chemical and other hazardous industries operate on a global and local scale.

Over the last decade, eVision has been working with the world’s largest oil, gas and resource multinationals to streamline and enhance their Control of Work processes. Major organisations such as Shell, Statoil, BP, Total, ExxonMobil, Qatar Petroleum, Origin and many more have selected eVision as their Control of Work solution provider of choice to reduce risk and improve HoTT by up to 60%.

CPM is proud to acts as a full-service business partners to eVision Industry Software B.V. in Malaysia and the greater Asia Pacific region, including Australia.

The ONE Vision Platform


Control of Work (COW) is a formal approach for safely controlling risks associated with activities such as construction, maintenance, demolition, remediation, operating tasks, tour watch, manual labour and other similar work activities across hazardous industries.


eVision’s approach to COW is the integrated management of business critical maintenance processes made up of hazard identification and Risk Assessment, Permit to Work and Isolation Management.


From single-asset digital Permit to Work solutions to fully global Dynamic Barrier Management systems, eVision has the experience and expertise to provide you with the tools you need. Our ONE Vision platform combines the best of Control of Work, EHS and Process Safety Management into a fully integrated Cloud solution. The next step in operational efficiency and safety, today!

















SHIFT VISION is eVision’s fully SaaS-enabled shift management software. it enables you to log shift data, share information and monitor processes with ease, ensuring optimal Shift control and visibility.


PERMIT VISION - Fully connected Permit to Work software, combining industry-leading Permit to Work with Risk Assessments, Isolation Management, and advanced ecosystem integrations.


iDIAGRAMS - Manipulate your P&IDs and schematics like never before. Create isolation plans, view live plant information and define risks and actions directly from the eVision Permit Vision system, or use iDiagrams stand-alone for advanced markup.


CHANGE VISION is eVision’s answer to complex MOC processes. A Management of Change system fully integrated into the eVision ONE Vision platform, configurable to your needs.


BARRIER VISION Full-function Barrier Management, Cumulative Risk management, and real-time SIMOPS in a single solution. Fully integrated with eVision’s ONE Vision platform, fully aligned with your ecosystem.


Ensuring maximum support in operational decision-making by providing a powerful and user-friendly digital Permit to Work solution is our top priority. Frontline work is never the same! eVision software solutions are highly flexible to adapt to any situation. Due to quick adoption, rigid processes and an easy-to-use interface, safety and compliance are ensured.


More and more companies are stitching to a digital Permit to Work system to support their daily operations. This marks huge process and sees impressive results. Accident and injuries decrease, risk becomes more understandable, and processes streamline and simplify. But if the information your using in your digital systems is not connected or up-to-date, the concept simply does not work effectively!


This is why eVision built its case around integration: a 360-degree platform that ensures the quality and efficiency of your daily maintenance and operations. eVision’s platform integrates essential processes into an intuitive single screen interface, offering a full suite of innovative process safety management tools.